Supplement FAQ: Bromelain Plus CLA™

by Biotics Research

Why you may need Bromelain Plus CLA™:

Many people have some degree of digestive or inflammatory dysfunction, or simply suffer from generalized health challenges which have not responded to conventional remedies.  Bromelain Plus CLA™ is a product containing digestive and anti-inflammatory enzymes as well as cellulase, lipase, and amylase.  In addition to these enzymes, Bromelain Plus CLA™ also contains inositol, papain, ficin, and the amino acid L-cysteine. Bromelain Plus CLA™ is unique in that the format of its use dictates its action.  If taken with food, it will act as a digestive aid.  If taken on an empty stomach, it will function as a proteolytic enzyme.  Healthcare practitioners also report choosing it to provide dietary support for patients with intestinal parasites, excessive mucous production, dental and gingival inflammation, as well as pancreatic dysfunction.  Bromelain Plus CLA™ has also been proven to be a significant asset to detoxification programs and may be used prophylactically when traveling.

Why your healthcare practitioner recommends Bromelain Plus CLA™ from Biotics Research:

Biotics Research Corporation has long been recognized for its exceptional array of enzyme products, and most practitioners are well acquainted with their broad spectrum enzyme formula – Intenzyme Forte™. While Intenzyme Forte™ has a plethora of applications, it contains animal derived ingredients.  Bromelain Plus CLA™ is one of the few enzyme preparations available that does not contain enzymes derived from animal products, thus making it an excellent option for vegetarians and those on restrictive diets.  Furthermore, Bromelain Plus CLA™ contains ficin derived from figs.  Ficin is a highly active member of the cysteine endopeptidase family of proteases that not only hydrolyzes protein like materials, but it also has vermifuge properties.  As always, you can count on Biotics Research Corporation to offer superior nutritional products supplying “The Best of Science and Nature.”

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