Supplement FAQ: Sculacia®

by Biotics Research

Why you may need Sculacia®:

In recent years, the safety of pharmaceutical joint pain formulas has been questioned and has resulted in doctors looking for effective, natural answers to support their patients’ needs. Sculacia® is such a product. Supplying a patented, proprietary, all-natural blend of Sculletaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu herbal extracts, Sculacia® inhibits the cascade of pro-inflammatory mediators. The efficacy of the Sculacia® formula was established in a clinical double blind study, where significant improvement was documented for joint comfort, stiffness and function, as compared to placebo.

Why your healthcare practitioner recommends Sculacia® from Biotics Research:

Sculacia® is yet another fine example of the leading-edge nutritional supplements that are available exclusively from Biotics Research Corporation.  The beneficial effects from taking Sculacia® will be noted by the end of the first bottle, and frequently they can be noted within the first few doses, making this an excellent product to use for those suffering from joint discomfort.  Effective as a stand-alone product, Sculacia®is also an excellent adjunct to use with chondroprotective products such as Purified Chondroitin Sulfates and ChondroSamine Plus®, allowing patients to achieve significant impact almost immediately, while they wait for the accumulative effect of the chondroprotectives to be established.  Sculacia® carries a low suggested retail price, making it an effective and affordable alternative to costly pharmaceutical formulas. As always, you can count on Biotics Research Corporation to offer superior nutritional products supplying “The Best of Science and Nature”.

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