Magnesium for Lower Fasting Glucose and Insulin?

by Biotics Research

Researchers examined cross-sectional associations of dietary magnesium intake with fasting glucose (FG) and fasting insulin (FI), associations of magnesium-related SNPs with FG and FI, and interactions between dietary magnesium (Mg) intake and both Mg-related and glycemia-related SNPs on FG and FI in meta-analysis of 15 cohort studies including more than 50,000 participants (Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology). After adjustments for age, sex, energy intake, BMI, and behavioral risk factors, researchers found that Mg was inversely associated with FG and FI, and that no Mg-related SNP or interaction between any SNP and Mg reached significance after correction for multiple testing. Their findings support those of other recent met-analysis of studies on Mg and incident type 2 diabetes, which estimated a 14% reduced risk of disease per daily 100 mg increment in Mg intake.

A Hruby, et al. Higher Magnesium Intake Is Associated with Lower Fasting Glucose and Insulin, with No Evidence of Interaction with Select Genetic Loci, in a Meta-Analysis of 15 CHARGE consortium Studies1,2,3,4. J.Nutr. March 1, 2013 Vol 143, No. 3, 345-353

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