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Rethinking Electrolytes: Clinical Uses Beyond Sweating

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For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional

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The Health Impact of Meal Timing

Results of a randomized controlled cross-over trial were recently published in the journal Cell Metabolism, detailing the effects of late versus early eating on a variety... Learn more

An Atlas of Gut Microbiota Plasma Metabolites

In an extraordinary analysis published recently in Nature Communications, researchers in Sweden report the results of a cross-sectional study which, to date, is the large... Learn more

Magnesium & Mental Health

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, depression afflicts over 322 million people worldwide and is a leading cause of disability and reduced quali... Learn more

Diverse Benefits of Pycnogenol & GSE

Oxidative stress and inflammation underlie many problematic and chronic issues, which may also explain why interventions that target both of these pathological processes ... Learn more

Surprising Relationship Between Insulin Resistance & Skin Tags

Word is getting out that elevated insulin is a major underlying factor in numerous chronic health issues even when blood glucose is normal. Previous articles have discuss... Learn more

Active Couch Potatoes

Results of a study that characterized the relationship between physical activity, sedentary behavior, and how they interact with cardiometabolic health were recently publ... Learn more

CGMs: An Instrumental Partnership Between Doctors & Patients

“I am shocked at how current dietary guidelines seem to totally miss the mark and have not caught up with the simple idea that high glycemic index foods should be largely... Learn more

TMAO, Gut Microbiota, & Cardiovascular Health

Researchers from Tufts University recently published results from a large community-based cohort in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. They provide detai... Learn more

Insights into NAFLD & Cognitive Function

In a recent review published in Cell & Bioscience, many of the common pathologies characteristic of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are discussed, as well a... Learn more

The Gout & Insulin Connection

Word is starting to spread that even in people whose blood glucose is within a healthy range, chronically elevated insulin can be a major factor in cardiometabolic diseas... Learn more

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