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Misconceptions of the Low FODMAP Diet: Facts, Myths & Patient Impact

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For over 40 years, Biotics Research Corporation has revolutionized the nutritional supplement industry by utilizing “The Best of Science and Nature”. Combining nature’s principles with scientific ingenuity, our products magnify the nutritional

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Sleep: Your Night Job

Any health news junkie can see that the importance of sleep has come to center stage. Our collective interest in this shut-eye time grew when studies started linking a la... Learn more

How Relationships Impact Heart Health

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s an important reminder to think about the influence that relationships and social connections have on the health of the heart. Especi... Learn more

B Vitamins & Metabolic Syndrome

Results of a longitudinal prospective cohort study were recently published in JAMA Network, detailing the associations between total B vitamin intake and incidence of met... Learn more

Does Alcohol Clash with Keto?

Despite its celebrated antioxidant content, the reality is, alcohol isn’t a health food. However, consuming alcohol is often a part of many people’s social lives and reli... Learn more

Making Memories with Huperzine A

Our central hub, the brain, is made up of billions of neurons that communicate to other parts of the body in order to carry out physical and mental activities. Chemical m... Learn more

Rethinking Protein Intake & Kidney Health

“Good food and dietary variety are some of the great joys of life. […] We believe that given the commitment required of patients, dietary restrictions should only be made... Learn more

Obesity - An Obesogen Review

The second installment in a 3-part series focusing on obesity was recently published in Biochemical Pharmacology, largely devoted to examining the evidence for the obesog... Learn more

Exercise Your Guts Out

Exercise is good for us, yes? With its wide-range of benefits that include supporting heart, muscle and bone health, the short answer is yes. But could there be repercuss... Learn more

Mitochondrial Support & Heart Health

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology examined the use of ubiquinol and/or D-ribose among participants with heart failure with preserved ejection fracti... Learn more

Unwrapping Misophonia

A leaf blower starting and stopping. The jingling of keys or loose change. Someone slurping their coffee or smacking their lips while eating. Many people may feel slightl... Learn more

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